Fab drink: Marshmallow latte

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I am SO thrilled to announce FabCafe’s best recommended specialty.

I find it difficult to express what it looks like, so let’s take a look!!






Playing with marshmallow…


The idea of this unique Marshmallow latte came from  the sketch by Toshiya Fukuda, who is one of the founders of FabCafe.

The sketch itself was remarkably cute, but words cannot express how amazing the actual ones are!


The FabCafe team enjoyed seeking for  the best expression of the face by drawing eyes, nose, mouth etc.


In the end, the face in the original sketch was chosen.

I cannot stop smiling  whenever I see this photo :)

This simply gives me warm feelings.


Have a fab day, everyone.



[...] * All photos are from Fab Cafe [...]

Thank you sooo much for finding us out! We are so glad that you mentioned us in such a lovely blog. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Tokyo:) Hopefully, FabCafe Hong Kong opens in the near future..

posted by mariko on 03.07.12 at 17:26

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