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“Fab”, the “fabrication revolution” movement has been spreading around the world. Fab has a double meaning: “FABrication”, not limited by the logic of mass production and markets, as well as “FABulous”. The FAB network now extends to over 50 locations in 20 countries around the world (as of April 2011)

FabCafe is a space that conveys the FAB spirit in a fun, delicious and easy to understand way. In the center of Shibuya, an area overflowing with youthful energy, we provide a space where people can enjoy making things in an exciting environment furnished with a variety of digital fabrication tools, including a laser cutter.

To learn about the variety of aspects of FabCafe, go to Fab Talks!
Also, you can see what’s happening in the FabCafe on Google+.
We are uploading everyone’s Fab works every day.


What do you Fab?

FabCafe offers Fab experiences. Everything from iPhone covers, greeting cards, accessories, chairs, lighting to even homes can be made through Fab. At opening, FabCafe will offer the following items.


”Fab ticket ” 30 minutes use of the laser cutter /2000 yen

Fab menu/Price



“What Do You Fab? Series”
Fab items created through everyone’s experiments.

“A World in A Sheet Series”
Items that explore the possibilities of 3D creations from a single sheet.

“FabCafe Original Series”
FabCafe’s standard design items.



Working with Many of Japan’s Top Creators

Toshiya Fukuda, Mitsuhiro Suwa and Chiaki Hayashi are in charge of the total production of FabCafe. Space design is by Yuri Naruse and Jun Inokuma, two young up-and-coming architects. Graphic design and product design is by Nana Oba, Yusuke Ono and others. FabCafe also receives the support of Hiroya Tanaka, associate professor at Keio University SFC and founder of FabLab Japan.






Students from the University of Adeliade, architecture school are coming to Tokyo. We were hoping to work with Julian Worral lat Waseda University. Unfortuatel he will be overseas at that time.
We were hoping to use his 3d Printers. So he suggested the FAB Cafe. How does it all work? Do you only have laser cutters or scintering as well? I will be arriving on this Tuesday September18 with the students probably hoping to 3D print in the week the 5th – 9th October.
Will this work.?How much does it cost?
I will come and visit soon!
We have nothing like this here in Adelaide! Very exciting.


posted by Tanya Court on 09.16.12 at 14:11

Hi, me again.

I am in Tokyo and was hoping to come to visit. What is the address? Or nearest subway station?



posted by Tanya Court on 09.21.12 at 09:02

Hi Alicia, we are really sorry for the late reply. We’ll send a email to you regarding your question.

posted by mariko on 10.16.12 at 19:00

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