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Presentation at the 100th edition of Pechakucha night Tokyo!!

Last week, we had a great opportunity to do a presentation at the 100th edition of Pachakucha night Tokyo. The presentation is about the story behind the 3D chocolate with your face. Yes, the controversial (!?) special valentine's workshop!! It was nerve wracking to do a presentation in ...

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Final Results Announcement! Ornament Exchange project

In 2012 Christmas time,  our first Fab exchange attempt called "Fab Christmas Ornament Exchange Project" was taking place in Copenhagen and Tokyo. We made Christmas ornaments in a slightly different way, together with the Republikken, the work space  for creative people in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The unique point of this project was that we decided exchange the presents via data ONLY. Today, I am  thrilled to announce who won the popular vote!  Also, I am going to share with you how the project went...

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Presentation at Pechakucha Tokyo #93

Hi everyone, We did the presentation at Tokyo # 93 Pechakucha Night a couple of months ago, and the recorded presentation is now available online :)

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GAKKO Project Meeting: Making tasty juice

Hi everyone! Today's blog is written by Yoko, a project staff of Loftwork. On July 31st, one of the most interesting meetings was held in Fabcafe. GAKKO project had come to Japan, and FabCafe turned into a global meeting space with 20 students from American top universities.

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Report: MacFab Night

On April 26th, a bunch of people gathered at FabCafe :) All the people had something in common. They are huge Mac lovers and they were here to experience MacFab! Fabbing Mac has been one of FabCafe’s ...

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About FabCafe

“Fab”, the “fabrication revolution” movement has been spreading around the world. Fab has a double meaning: “FABrication”, not limited by the logic of mass production and markets, as well as “FABulous”. The FAB network now extends to over 50 locations in 20 countries around the world (as of April 2011)

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Cherry blossoms bloom!

April is the special season for anyone in Japan. Cherry blossom bloom is such a huge national obsession in Japan and this year’s flower had been awaited especially, as it had been a particularly harsh and cold winter. Last week, we finally had a few best days for hanami (“flower viewing” or ...

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What did you Fab? March, 2012

The last few weeks have been whirlwind here at the FabCafe. It has been exciting to see that many people visited the cafe and enjoyed our excellent cafe latte as well as Fabbing! We are really glad that it took only 9 days before we celebrated 1000th visitor at ...

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Fab Talks #01 Hiroya Tanaka & Chiaki Hayashi

Fab Talks #01 Hiroya Tanaka & Chiaki Hayashi Do it with others.  The reasons why we want to make “Fab” available all over the world “Fab Talks” is a series of interviews that tell you about the various great aspects of the “FabCafe” concept. In this first interview, we have with us the founder of FabLabs Japan, (as well as associate professor at Keio University SFC), Hiroya Tanaka, and one of  FabCafe’s founders, Loftwork CEO Chiaki Hayashi. We began by talking about why “Fab” is fun.

View Fab Talks #01 Hiroya Tanaka & Chiaki Hayashi

Press information (English)

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since FabCafe opened! We’d like to say a big thank you to all the people who showed interest in us and even actually visited us. As a PR of the café, I’d stop by the cafe almost every day, and it’s been a such a great pleasure to see that people enjoy themselves there. Some enjoy fabrication with the laser cutter and the others enjoy drinks and foods.

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